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Acura holds the distinction of being the first Japanese automotive luxury brand. Honda Verno, followed by Honda Primo the following year. In its first few years of existence, Acura was among the best-selling luxury marques in the US. Though sales were down in the mid-to-late 1990s, the brand experienced a revival in the early 2000s, due to drastic redesigns and the introductions of new models. The brand was created around the same time as Japanese rivals Nissan and Toyota developed their Infiniti and Lexus premium brands. The Japanese government imposed voluntary export restraints for the U.

Japanese automakers to export more expensive cars to the U. Following a decade of research, Honda opened 60 new dealerships in North America by 1986, to support its Acura automobile division. Acura was the first Japanese luxury brand, introduced under the slogan, “Acura. In 1987, Acura’s first full year of sales, they sold 109,000 cars with the flagship Legend sedan accounting for 55,000 sales and the rest were of the smaller Integra. By 1990, Acura was selling 138,000 vehicles, including 54,000 Legends, compared to Mercedes-Benz’s 78,000 cars and 64,000 each for BMW and Lexus. V6 powered, rear-wheel-drive sports car. The NSX was the world’s first all-aluminum production car, and was also marketed and viewed by some as the “Everyday Supercar” thanks in part to its ease of use, quality and reliability, traits that were unheard of in the supercar segment at the time.

With the release of the NSX, Acura introduced the “A-badge”, a stylized pair of calipers—a tool used for exacting measurements to imply that Acura vehicles are built to precise and demanding standards. Despite a strong start in market acceptance for the Acura brand, sales suffered in the mid-to-late 1990s. Additionally, during this time Acura switched to an alphanumeric nomenclature formula, dropping the Legend, Vigor and Integra titles, following the lead of the NSX sportscar. 5 RL, which replaced the popular Legend, and the Vigor became the 2. 2 TL, and was regarded by many as the epitome of this problem, namely because the alphanumeric designations were more anonymous than the former Legend, Vigor and Integra titles, which had grown into their own cult followings. 1990s and into the 2000s. During this time, the NSX also lost sales as Acura made few changes from its original 1990 trim.

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